svn commit: samba r14114 - in trunk/source: auth smbd

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Mar 10 14:59:30 GMT 2006

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James Peach wrote:
>> But always within seconds of each other when it's to go in both, so
>> you never have to wait long...
> Anyone prepared to give some guidance as to which is 
> preferred and why?

It's preference more than anything else.  Jeremy likes to view
trunk and SAMBA_3_0 as separate branches.  I prefer to check
in identical patches as one commit.

> I've been making separate commits to separate branches 
> because I'm used to a SCM that lets you compare which commits
> were made in which branches. AFAICT svn can't do that though ...

You mean a viewing a single patch and figuring out which branches
it was applied to ?  That's one reason why I like to commit to
multiple branches at once.  A patch is contained in a single
revision number which I can verify against different branches.
But it only works as long as you follow the convention.

cheers,  jerry
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