Case sensitivity in Kerberos principal names.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Mar 10 07:42:36 GMT 2006

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>The problem seems to be the case of the principal.  The Celerra goes
>>against the grain by sending principal names in the form NAME at realm (that
>>is, UPPER at lower).  The Windows KDC will "canonicalize" the name changing it
>>to name at REALM (that is, lower at UPPER).
> A well known behaviour.

Which, the behavior of the Windows KDC or the odd choice of capitalization
from the server?

> I'll assert that it would be far, far easier for one commercial NAS
> device to check AD for the correct case than for all the Linux and Apple
> MAC clients in the world to change behaviour. 

My feelings as well, but I need to convince the vendor that it is worth

Thanks ever so much!

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