ideas for supporting long smb.conf variables?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Mar 9 14:30:42 GMT 2006

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Michael Lueck wrote:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> And finally, there's some debate over the string format.  I
>> choose %%(...) to coincide with %$(...)
> I am OK with the (...) part, but since %$ already exists, 
> could both % and $ chars be avoided and use some new char
> instead? I would think that when skimming the file, my eyes
> would be less likely to notice an error. I figure that enough
> foot in my mouth for $0.02 worth, actually suggesting what
> said char might be would easily double the figure! ;-)

I decided to go with %(...) since that fits easily with the current
convention of %[A-z] and %$(...).    A preliminary patch is attached.

The patch addresses several issues that were raised:

* provides a framework for %(....) long variable names
* adds support for the %(DomainSID) which can be used in
  'write list', 'read list', & 'admin users'
* replaces the standard_sub_XXX() functions with wrappers
  around the alloc_sub_xxx() counterparts in order to remove
  the duplicated code.

cheers, jerry
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