path mapping

frederick juan frederick_juan at
Thu Mar 9 03:37:18 GMT 2006

Hello to all!
  Is it possible that i can create a directory for all the directories that are already exist in samba??
  for example: this folder and path are already existed in samba fileserver and I want to do is create a one folder ex: Allfolder and all this path will belong to Allfolder so that if i will open it the path will be \\fileserver\allfolder and all folder above will be seen in folder Allfolder without changing its permission?? Is it possible??
        comment = Netplayall
        path = /home2/NETPLAY/NetPlayAll
        comment = Netmonitoring
        path = /home2/Netmon
        comment = Escan
        path = /home2/Escan
        comment = Claudeth Only
        path = /home2/BackupFiles

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