Samba 4 release schedule

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Mon Mar 6 15:40:22 GMT 2006

Hi Rod,

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 10:12:14AM -0500, Rod Smith wrote about 'Samba 4 release schedule':
> I'm the author of a couple of books on Samba, and I'm looking at some 
> revisions for one of my books. With the announcement a while ago about the 
> Samba 4 Technology Preview, I was wondering what the thinking is about the 
> likely timeline for this branch. How long before betas start appearing? What 
> about the final release? I realize you probably don't want to get very 
> specific about this, but any guidance would be helpful in planning my own 
> work. Thanks.
It's indeed hard to tell as the development of Samba 4 relies on the
amount of time that the various developers can put in. 

There is another TP due in a few days. Alpha releases are still some
time (at least a few months, most likely more) away. 



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