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Deryck Hodge said the following on 05/03/06 13:11:
> On 3/5/06, Gavin Henry <ghenry at suretecsystems.com> wrote:
>><quote who="simo">
>>The work for Samba::LDAP distribution port is because of another Web
>>Application we are around 50% through called SOSA, The Samba and
>>Open-xchange Simple Administrator. It is written with the Catalyst
>>Framework (http://catalyst.perl.org), with a bit of Prototype.js and
>>mostly the Dojo Toolkit (http://dojotoolkit.org). Beta screenshots
>>available if anyone is interested ;-)
> I would be interested in screenshots.  Thanks,
> deryck
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Hi Deryck,

Thanks for the interest. These are very beta and have since changed, as
most of our time is being spent getting Samba::LDAP ready for inclusion
with SOSA and the CPAN.

They really just show some form layouts and Roles/ACLs. The Catalyst
LDAP Role plugin lets us pick certain groups and allow them do do
certain things. All that is setup just now is "Domain Admins". This is
all configurable by the admin:


The great thing about Catalyst, apart from it being Perl, is having the
whole of the CPAN available. It can also be deployed via Mod_Perl,
Fast-CGI, normal CGI or using the inbuilt test server to get going
quickly. If you are interested in it, see http://catalyst.perl.org

If you think some of the docs aren't up to scratch, let me know as I am
part of the docs team ;-)

We use the Dojo toolkit (screenshots don't show any of this yet) for:

Drag-and_drop user deletion
Right-Click user edits
Validation, client side
Type-ahead user search
Wizards for user creation
Tooltips for in-context help
In place edit for some user fields
Plus other things not decided yet ;-)

It's exciting stuff for us and will all be GPL, of course ;-)

We'll keep you posted.


Kind Regards,

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