OpenGrok Source Code Browser

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Thu Mar 2 18:18:01 GMT 2006

Yeah, mediawiki is great. I've recently been using another great tool
so I think this is enough of an excuse to mention it. It's the OpenGrok
source code broswer:

Here's a "demo":

I put all my packages, Heimdal, OpenSSL, whatever I'm interested in
learning about, into a directory, run OpenGrok on it, start Jetty in a
term, and browse with firefox.

OpenGrok is the best source code browsing tool I've ever used. It would
be very nice if we could browse the latest Samba4 snapshot that way. It
might help get new people involved in the project.

The own con is it needs the latest not so stable version of Java and
a Java app server which implies you have to run a separate server on a
different port.


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