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tridge at tridge at
Thu Mar 2 04:09:06 GMT 2006


 > - do fsync() on the debug fd, as we do in samba3,
 >   I have an report that smbd memory usage grows to 1,5 GB or more
 >   without this...

fsync() reduces memory usage?? are you sure? That makes no sense to

I'd expect that the only affects those fsync() calls would have are:

 1) slow down smbd a lot, especially when running with a high debug

 2) ensure that if the OS crashes hard or has a power failure that we
    don't lose any debug logs

fsync() will make dirty pages into clean cached pages, but the kernel
will do that anyway under memory pressure, so all you're doing is
paying the price of moving the disk head far more than you otherwise

Cheers, Tridge

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