SAMBA_3_0_RELEASE is setup for 3.0.23

Thomas Bork tombork at
Fri Jun 30 21:04:31 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> The release tree is ready (minus one minor thing). Will
> still be several more days before the final release
> but I'm not expecting any more changes.  Please do any
> final testing this week.

The documentation says:

max xmit (G)

This option controls the maximum packet size that will be negotiated by 
Samba. The default is 65535, which is the maximum. In some cases you may 
find you get better performance with a smaller value. A value below 2048 
is likely to cause problems.

Default: max xmit = 65535
Example: max xmit = 8192

On my system this option defaults to 16644. Is the documentation not 

deveis # grep 'max xmit' /etc/smb.conf
deveis # testparm -vs 2>/dev/null | grep 'max xmit'
         max xmit = 16644

The documentation says:

block size (S)

This parameter controls the behavior of smbd(8) when reporting disk free 
sizes. By default, this reports a disk block size of 1024 bytes.

Changing this parameter may have some effect on the efficiency of client 
writes, this is not yet confirmed. This parameter was added to allow 
advanced administrators to change it (usually to a higher value) and 
test the effect it has on client write performance without re-compiling 
the code. As this is an experimental option it may be removed in a 
future release.

Changing this option does not change the disk free reporting size, just 
the block size unit reported to the client.

No default

"By default, this reports a disk block size of 1024 bytes." and "No 
default" are not the same.

deveis # testparm -vs 2>/dev/null | grep 'block size'
         block size = 1024

der tom

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