Will gen_fnmatch work in tdbutil/tdb_search_keys?

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Mon Jun 26 16:16:55 GMT 2006


Take a look at the FreeBSD source code for fnmatch.c.  You should be
able to easily port it, and it's BSD license is probably compatible with
your existing VMS source license(s).   

Of course, if you don't mind adding fnmatch to the Samba build system,
then you can also port one of the GPL'd versions.


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> Subject: Will gen_fnmatch work in tdbutil/tdb_search_keys?
> I do not have an fnmatch() routine available on OpenVMS.
> For the tdbutil routine tdb_search_keys(), can I substitute a call to 
> the gen_fnmatch() routine?
> Is there any specific patterns that I could expect to see, if 
> I have to 
> fabricate a replacement for fnmatch()?
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> -John
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