Centrify Changes to Samba 3.0.20b

David Daugherty consulnet at cdepot.net
Mon Jun 26 00:27:36 GMT 2006

Attached are all of the significant changes Centrify engineers have made to
the Samba 3.0.20b base code, which our C.E.O has requested that I submit.  I
realize that this is an old code base, and at least some of the work
attached is probably obsolete.  However if there is anything of use but
needs to be updated to the 3.0.23 code base, let me know and I will be happy
to do it.


Here is a summary of changes.


Winbind - Support for Wndows Name != Unix Name for group lookups

Winbind - Added some new background functions so that all SID <-> UID/GID
mappings flow through the ID mappers

SMBD / SMB.CONF - a configuration flag that prevents SMBD from stripping the
domain name when it tries to look up a user via NSS - prevents confusion
where a local user happens to be named the same as a windows user.

IDMAP / SMB.CONF - a configuration flag to control whether or not SID <->
UID/GID mappings are stored in WINBIND_IDMAP.TDB. 

Make changes - for libtdb that I submitted earlier that Jeremy has been
looking at.


Dave Daugherty

Centrify Corp.


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