Password changing...

Peter Stamfest peter at
Sat Jun 24 11:11:21 GMT 2006


[Appologies if this should be targeted to the plain samba list, but I get 
too many e-mails already to try yet another list-subscription.]

I am experiencing a strange problem: In a two-location, two-samba-server 
setup, users cannot change their passwords because the "domain is 
unavailable". Everything else works as expected.

The setup consists of two samba-servers with an LDAP backend. LDAP is 
taking care of replication. All of this seems to work. The master samba 
server acts as a central WINS server for all clients and the second 

When I finally added the second server at the second location, I found out 
that password changing at that location does not work (at the first 
location it does). I sniffed the network traffic and found out that the PC 
trying to change the password at the second location is looking for the 
name DOMAIN<20>, which is not there. After this, it complains about the 
domain not being there.

The "solution" was to add the domain name as a netbios alias to the master 
server, because this registers the DOMAIN<20> name. After this, password 
changing works again.

In a network trace I also  found out that before asking for the #20 name, 
the PC tries hard to do a "Query for PDC" over udp to the second server, 
but it never received a response. This might be the key problem.

Samba version is 3.0.22 on both servers. Clients are Win2k and WinXP.

Anybody knows anything about this? I deliberatly leave out the 
configuration at this stage to not bloat this e-mail any further.


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