Patch lib/smbrun.c:smbrunsecret()

Christian Frömmel froemmel at
Fri Jun 23 09:04:33 GMT 2006


in the course of enhancing the auth_script-method I had to do some work on 
smbrunsecret() too. As the comment above the function states: "[...] and 
putting the output in outfd (or discard it if outfd is NULL).[...]" this 
is (till now) not the case. The output is discarded and only the exitcode 
gets returned to the calling function.

I mainly merged the output-fd-stuff from the smbrun()-function above 
smbrunsecret() and it is working as expected. In the patch all FDs of the 
calling functions are set to NULL as I didnt wanted to mixup my 
auth_script-Changes with this patch.

The patch is based on the current svn (#16484) of branches/SAMBA_3_0.
Could someone review the patch for inclusion?

Thank you,
Christian Froemmel
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