msdfs referrals at file - level

Jitindeap Keith jitin_cmpe102 at
Thu Jun 22 00:50:54 GMT 2006

Hello sirisih,
 I'm trying to figure out a way, where I can create a link to a file instead of a folder.
 For Eg 
ln -s 'msdfs:maya\plans' maya-e 
creates a link maya-e which directs the client to server named 
maya and then /plans folder. this runs smoothly. However if 
I write
ln -s 'msdfs:maya\plans\test.txt' maya-e

such that I would like to be directed to the file test.txt
I encounter errors.
Please suggest the  best way I can go about linking to a file instead 
of a folder.
btw i've registered to the mailing list, today, so I should get a conformation 
by tomorrow I guess

Thanks a lot

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