User Manager for SWAT

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Wed Jun 21 23:12:43 GMT 2006

On 6/21/06, tridge at <tridge at> wrote:
> There aren't a huge number of object types, so perhaps this is fine,
> but I wonder if you have considered something a bit more generic? For
> example, you could have a list of required attributes, a list of
> editable attributes and default container for each object class. Then
> you could have a more generic object_add() function which uses those
> lists to construct the ldap operations. The same lists could be used
> to drive the GUI (constructing the dialogs etc).

Like, say for a User object: required = userName, ..., editable =
displayName, .., default container = "CN=Users"? Is this what you
mean? Can you please elaborate?

> What do you think? The approach you're taking will certainly work, so
> if you're happily steaming along with then then just ignore me, I just
> wondered if you'd thought about the alternatives.

Actually, I hadn't thought about it in the way you've described above.
The only alternative I considered was a different, more
object-oriented interface like the IADS interface, instead of the
procedural one I'm writing now. However, that seemed an overkill (it
wraps LDAP operations), and so I focussed more on users-specific

I'd like to continue with this interface, for now, as it seems small
enough. When group management functions come in, I think I should be
able to generalize more based on the similarities of the group and
user functions.

Sreepathi Pai

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