SMB over UDP port 138

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jun 21 15:10:51 GMT 2006


Yes, there are messages formatted using the SMBtrans structure that are sent
via the NBT Datagram Service.  Typically, these are type 2 mailslot
messages.  The documentation you want is here:

Once you've gone through that information, you will probably also want to
read through this:

Have fun!

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Muhammad Abbas wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I want to know has anyone of you worked on SMB on UDP port 138?
> I have found packets of SMB that Use NetBios Datagram Service over UDP
> port 138. I was wondering if this is the same as SMB on tcp ports
> (139,445) or not...
> Any Document Regarding implmentation of this will really help..
> Wainting for your Reposne.
> Regrds,
>         JinBaba

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