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Deryck Hodge deryck at
Wed Jun 21 14:34:12 GMT 2006

On 6/21/06, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
> > Love or hate it but we still need GUI management for
> > Samba bundled.  Every other attempt to build it separately
> > as open source sucked so far.
> But no on uses SWAT because it sucks.  So what's the point?
> EJS won't change the fact that we neithyer have the desire
> nor the resources to do a good GUI.  Providing a bad one
> is really not better than one at all.  Apachae doesn't provide
> a GUI for httpd.conf and it seems to be doing ok.

I agree with Jerry here.  We don't need GUI management in Samba
itself.  It's a nice addon but not essential.  And in fact, GUI
management would be better if it were decoupled it from Samba.

> > The trouble is that we'll hardly have an UI for Samba management bundled
> > with Samba itself if it is in so hard need by vendors to differentiate.
> >
> > I understand the value of making usable perl/python/whatever language is
> > used
> > by external management software but we already have ejs in samba4 and
> > will be using it for initial configuration there as well. Make a librpc
> *No* sysadmin knows javascript.  And ejs is not really java
> script anyways based on my understanding.  It's an interesting
> scripting language for developers but it is another scripting
> language to learn.

To be accurate, EJS is and it isn't JavaScript.  JavaScript was
designed to be an embedded language.  It has no use apart from the
context in which it is embedded.  The JavaScript in web browsers
consists of the base language -- Spidermonkey in the case of
Mozilla-based browsers -- and the objects specific to the embedded
environment -- the window and document objects, for the browser.  EJS
is just the base language, and not as complete a base as Spidermonkey.
 And there really hasn't been any effort in Samba4 to create a
consistent samba (or server) object analogous to the window or
document objects in the browser.


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