SWAT User Manager Progress?

Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Wed Jun 21 14:25:20 GMT 2006

Keeping this on samba-technical... :-)

On 6/21/06, S P <sree314 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/21/06, Deryck Hodge <deryck at samba.org> wrote:
> > Nice to see you've got something going.  I'll let others comment
> > about the LDB calls in EJS.  That's not really my area.  I do, however,
> > think you're right to focus on the server-side JavaScript code first.
> Thanks! The JavaScript code is coming on easier, more so because I'm
> finding some of the code already implemented in files like
> provision.js. This leads me to believe even more that it is the GUI
> that will be more of the contribution that this JS code.
> > What do you see as the deliverables for our two milestones (June 28,
> > August 4)?
> For June 28, there will be no GUI. That's for certain. However, I
> expect to finish up usermgmt.js completely so that a GUI can then
> simply call these functions and expect everything to work. From my
> observation of the MMC Local Users and Groups interface, I still have
> the following functionality to write (for M1):
> Rename user
> Reset Password (only)
> Modify user "General" properties
> Modify user "Group" memberships
> Modify user "Profile" properties
> I've already written Add user and Delete User, but they're not
> complete yet (source contains details on this).
> Notably, I have overlooked the Groups functionality above, and I'm
> going to fix that after M1, hope that is okay.
> For Aug 4, I really want to finish the GUI, but I'll elaborate on this
> in a later mail.

Basically looks okay.  I'll let Tridge comment specifics on
deliverables, since he's your mentor.  Just wanted to ping you and get
the discussion going, since the deadline is looming. :-)


Deryck Hodge

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