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Wed Jun 21 14:16:15 GMT 2006

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Chetan S wrote:

> I have a evil foreboding of registry finally making it 
> into Samba.  Thanks to Jerry's commandment at SambaXP  ? :)
> A fixed consistent api for  managing samba ( performance 
> metrics, smb paramenter configuration )  is what my
> discussion was about.

Call it a config backend if the word registry invokes nightmares.
But the idea is sane.  And a good match for the things you mention.
I'll win you all over in the end. :-)

> I would rather agree with Volker's suggestion of splitting 
> swat. That way it should be possible to have rpc based
> lib without really dealing with what we suck at ( GUI ).
> I hope I am not missing any point here.

If we throw away swat and provide perl/python bindings
for then we can integrate scripts into 'make test'.
None of us use SWAT which is why it sucks.  That's not going
to change (or use or its suckage) from what I can tell.
A test case is no good unless it is run.

cheers, jerry
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