User Manager for SWAT

tridge at tridge at
Wed Jun 21 14:16:07 GMT 2006


I've been having a bit of a look at the files you've committed for the
User Manager SoC project. Great to see you've made a start!

(for those of you following along at home, you can see them at

I'm particularly interested in your user_add() function. The way
you've written it means that you will have quite a bit of object class
specific code for each type of object that needs to be

There aren't a huge number of object types, so perhaps this is fine,
but I wonder if you have considered something a bit more generic? For
example, you could have a list of required attributes, a list of
editable attributes and default container for each object class. Then
you could have a more generic object_add() function which uses those
lists to construct the ldap operations. The same lists could be used
to drive the GUI (constructing the dialogs etc).

Ideally these lists would be changed in future to come directly from
the schema, as all of this information is in the full schema. The
scheme we have at the moment doesn't support this, but if you write
your code to take lists like this, then it might make it easier to
integrate with the full schema when its done.

What do you think? The approach you're taking will certainly work, so
if you're happily steaming along with then then just ignore me, I just
wondered if you'd thought about the alternatives.

Cheers, Tridge

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