Making DCERPC NetrLogon calls in Samba 4

Umesh Chaudhari umeshchaudhari at
Tue Jun 20 19:01:29 GMT 2006

since  winbindd is not yet implemeted,  pass through authentication for a
client to a Domain controller cannot yet be done using samba4 in between as
a member server. I need to be able to do pass though authentication from
samba4 for a certain functionality that I am implementing. I wanted to know
if I can implement this by writing wrappers in samba4 that directly call
NetrLogon and by pass winbind ?

What I hope to do is get the right parameters required to complete a
challenge response and then, from a samba4 machine, communicate directly
with the domain controller using DCERPC to obtain a session key. Is this
possible? are enough DCERPC calls functional so that I can do this?

Any information that anyone can provide will be useful. Pointers to the
right code paths will be helpful if it is possible.


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