ISSUE in directory listing libsmbclient.

ahmad hassan guideveloper123 at
Fri Jun 16 14:36:17 GMT 2006


I am  having this problem with libsmbclient where i use smbc_init. if i use 
that once and the network settings are changed then no directory listing and 
no file read/write is the result. I consulted this problem with derrell a 
while back. I don't know what happens, maybe it doesn't detect or refresh 
the new settings.

I then used smbctx where i have this one instance of it and changed all the 
methods to work with ctx but it gives me listing for WORKGROUP, FILESHARE 
and SMBC_SERVER but when i go into some share which has file and folders and 
get listing for some folder it says this on the console.
Invalid dir in smbc_readdir_ctx()

What am i doing wrong.

At start i do initialize smbctx and at the end of the program i do purge 
cached funcs.and do smbc_free_context.on the context.

Also the progam was working fine when i used smbc_init and smbc_* chain of 

Please elaborate this and what is the fix to this problem.


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