[PATCH] [Samba4] Map special DNs to CN=Special container

Martin Kühl mkhl at samba.org
Thu Jun 15 12:35:48 GMT 2006

This patch adds the `unspecial' module to ldb.  This module maps
special DNs like "@MODULES" to normal DNs like

This is already superseded by Andrew B.s partition module, but I
thought it would make a good "my first ldb module".  I am also aware
that it can't be used (there is no CN=Special naming context, and if a
backend can't load special DNs, it won't know about this module

My questions are:
- Does this module do what I expect it to? (I.e. use the CN=Special
container for special DNs internally but show them as special DNs in
search results.)
- Did I step into any obvious pitfalls (talloc related ones, say)?
- I "this" (use callbacks for handling search results, anything else
in async_wait) how asynchronism is supposed to work?  If I were to
split a request in two, would I run the first part directly and the
second one from the following async_wait?

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