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tridge at tridge at
Wed Jun 14 06:17:11 GMT 2006


I've been having a look at your current expect/vbs scripts, and I
think you've made great progress! I've got them working here, and have
a few comments.

The win_setup.wsf script is great, and it worked first time for
me. Using the telnet service like this is ideal for easy

I needed to make a couple of trivial mods to the test run script

 - added SMBTORTURE_WORKGROUP var in as I haven't made
   my existing vmware session use 'SMBTEST' 

 - added a SMBTORTURE_PATH variable in as I am not
   using /usr/local/bin

Maybe we should have a win_test.conf file containing just the local
variable settings and use ". win_test.conf" near the start of the

I also hit a bit of a problem with DNS lookups. My w2k3 server did a
reverse lookup on the IP of my test box when the telnet connection
started up. That reverse lookup failed, and the telnet connection
timed out. I worked around it by adding "-timeout 60" to the "expect
login:" line in common.exp, but perhaps we could make things more
robust by adding a hosts entry on the windows box for the IP/hostname
of the client (ideally we would remove it at the end too).

After I upped the timeout, the test ran (yipee!) but RAW-QFILEINFO
failed, and I noticed that the script skips the cleanup phase when the
test fails, so the smbtorture_share share wasn't deleted. That should
be easy to fix. I'm not worried about the fact that RAW-QFILEINFO
failed (thats nothing to do with your project), just the error

I guess the next major steps are:

 - the vmware snapshot/resume scripts
 - modifying the scripts in samba4/source/script/tests to optionally
   call this stuff if enabled

Then we can setup a box in the build farm to start running this on
each commit.

I also wonder how we should get your other vbs scripts onto the
windows box during tests? The two obvious methods are:

 - make them available via a Samba share, and to net use that share
   then copy the files

 - add a copy_file() function in common.exp which does a 
   "copy con xxx.vbs" and sends the file down the link, followed by a ^Z. 

The think the second option might be better, as it has "less moving
parts" so hopefully it will be less fragile once its working. It won't
work for binary files, but I don't think we'll need any of those.

What do you think?

Cheers, Tridge

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