smbclient prompting behaviour stderr vs. stdout

James Peach jpeach at
Wed Jun 14 04:45:45 GMT 2006

Hi all,

In attempting to write a test case to catch the vanishing smbclient
prompt bug I introduced and Volker fixed, I'm trying to nail down the
correct prompting behaviour for smbclient WRT whether the prompt it
issued on stdout or stderr.

The current behaviour is this:

readline    interactive  | prompt on stderr
   Y	       Y	 |	N
   Y	       N         |      Y
   N	       Y         |      Y
   N           N         |      Y

I suggest that the correct behaviour should be one of the following (in
order of increasing preference):

	1. the prompt always appears on stderr
	2. the prompt always appears on stdout in
	interactive mode, stderr otherwise
	3. the prompt always appears on stdout, and
	does not appear if we are in interactive mode


James Peach | jpeach at

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