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Hey Ming,

> The key points are:
> Requiement&Plan [-6/17]
> Implement part of lp_** like function based on elektra.[6/18 - 7/8]
> +Construct a xml smb configuration file for experiment
> +Implement some lp_** [6/28]
> +Find a part in samba which has lose connection with context
> +Port the above  part to the  new lp_** functions to test.[7/8]
> Implement a set of new configuration interface[7/9 - 7/26]
> +Design a new set of access interface, maybe by grouping the
>  lp_** functions
> +Implement the new set on elektra
> Implement smb.conf backend.[7/27 -8/4]
> +Parse the file for  elektra to use
> +Test new access interface on smb.conf using other parts of
>  Samba code [8/4]
> Write documentation [in parallel with above]

I'm ok with this.  I'm not really keen on the XML support.
I know some people are.  Here's a patch from back in January.

If you have committed to using libelektra, then any existing
supported backends will be fine.  The XML feature is optional.
If it interests you and won't get in the way of the libelektra
integration, then feel free to pursue it.

The next thing we need to discuss is the actual interfaces
and how you see th existing lp_XXX() functions playing out.

cheers, jerry
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