libsmbclient/smbc_opendir problem with large directories.

derrell at derrell at
Mon Jun 12 12:50:41 GMT 2006

Henrik Zagerholm <henke at> writes:

> Hi Samba team,
> I'm currently coding some C++ wrapper functions around libsmbclient.c.
> I experience really weird results when dealing with directories with  many dir
> entries ( With my setup/hardware around 2000+ )
> smbc_opendir returns a valid smbc_file but the dir entries are not  complete
> (their names are truncated to one character)
> It seems to be a timeout problem because when I run my testprogram  against
> the same client the problem disappears as the files get  cached on the client.
> After flushing the file cache on the client the problem returns.
> Is there a more controllable way of getting dir entries?
> Are there more timeout variables other than context->timeout that I  can
> manipulate?
> Setting context->timeout to high values seems to solve the problem  but is
> there a better way to handle this?
> (E.g reading only a part of the entries at a time)
> Increasing the timeout really isn't a viable solution as I can never  be sure
> how many dir entries a client has or the performance of its  hardware.

Hi Henrik,

I regularly test against large directories of greater than 2000 files without
encountering any such problems.  Also, the results you're seeing, obtaining
only a single character for each file name makes no sense for a timeout issue.
Are you absolutely sure you don't have a problem with your wrapper?  Are you
using the latest release of Samba?

If you become convinced that this is in fact a Samba problem, please open a
'libsmbclient' bug in bugzilla.  Attach a raw packet trace generated with
"tcpdump -s 0 -w truncated-file-names.pcap".  I'll take a look.



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