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Copied back to the tech list.  Hope that's ok.

> On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 12:01:15PM +0200, Mathias Dietz wrote:
>> as discussed on the SambaXP event , I've created a new article on
>>  the samba wiki to start the discussion about a common management
>> interface.
> ...
> Volker, No. I haven't seen it.
> IMHO,  the management interface is not related to the config storing
> implementation .
> As long as it is accessable via RPC, it shouldn't matter if the
> configuration is stored in a smb.conf or in a registry.
> Jerry, Ming: any comments ?

I would definitely support this effort.  I've wanted it for a while.
My preference, rather than to backport libnet code from Samba 4,
is to provide an API in stable library that is a thin layer wrapped
around the underlying rpc_client infrastructure.  That way we could
start using the IDL from Samba 4 in the future without breaking
existing applications.  This allows us to (a) get a working library
out there faster using the existing Samba 3 releases as a vehicle,
and (b) gives us a path to migrate to the improved RPC support
developed in Samba 4.  I also think that porting the Samba 4
IDL should be considered part of this project.

We already have the beginnings of this in the library
in SAMBA_3_0.  I think it is important to make this RPC interface
available to other applications besides Samba (e.g. Mono) as soon
as possible.

Some of the management features you outline don't have a direct
mapping to existing RPC pipes so we need to think about what to
do with those.

cheers, jerry
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