Storing pipe opens in the share_mode db ?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jun 8 05:45:09 GMT 2006

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
> Jeremy & Volker,
> I'm working on the Open Files enumeration in MMC.
> Here's a screenshot of what's working.
> Next, I need to be able to enumerate pipe opens across
> all smbd process which means I need to store them in a db.
> I am thinking about just using the share_mode db.  Any objections
> to this?  I believe that set_share_mode() when opening the pipe
> and del_share_mode() when closing the pipe is all I need.
> But I need to fake up a dev & inode pair.  Any warnings
> or suggestions about this?  Do either of you think this is
> a horrible idea

Hi Jerry,

have you thought about how to create a unique uint32 id for the returned
files? the numbers are unique between multiple connections.

In samba4 I planed to implement this via internal messaging,
so all smb connections are asked for open files, when a NetFileEnum()
comes in, but the unique ids were my big problem, as uint32 has to
little bits to use something like this:

uint32 id = ((uint32)conn_id<<64) | (uint32 tcon_id)>>32| (uint32)fnum;
(uint32 fnum because of smb2)

hmm, but for samba3 it might be ok, to use maybe this:
uint32 id = conn_id << 15 | (0x8FFF|fnum);

so 17 or 18 bits for the connection (pid in samba3) and 14-15 bits for
the fnum, as fnum's are not allocated per tcon in samba3.

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