Problem joining into ads

Franz Pfoertsch franz.pfoertsch at
Wed Jun 7 12:53:10 GMT 2006

I have checked a lot but nothing help.

this mean timesync, kerberos (I try to use only tcp), different versions
nothing helps?

Is there a known problem about join a AD.
I know, I am working in a complex environment, this mean different locations
(ca. 20). W2K3 with security patches. 
A lot of Windows groups, seperated administrations (windows/unix) and so on.

I there any chance to fix the problem?

I there any body who can help me?


Dave Daugherty wrote:

> For one thing, messages seem to imply your clocks are not synchronized. 
> Check this first.  Second are you using a user who belongs to a LOT of
> groups, including nested groups?  If so this may push the limit of a UDP
> password change.
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> On Behalf Of Franz Pfoertsch Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 12:38 AM To:
> samba-technical at Subject: Problem joining into ads
> Hi,
> it try to join ads with samba 3.0.22 (SLES9 SP3) and got:
> holu0001:~ # kinit <admin>
> <admin at DOMAIN> Password:
> kinit: NOTICE: ticket renewable lifetime is 1 week
> holu0001:~ # net ads join
> [2006/05/31 17:42:21, 0] libads/ldap.c:ads_add_machine_acct(1507)
> Warning: ads_set_machine_sd: Unexpected information received
> ads_set_machine_password: Message stream modified
> holu0001:~ # logout
> It worked for month!
> I joined aprox: 15 samba servers but now it didn't work.
> It there something wrong with the AD (W2K3) or with my samba config?
> The output of net ads join -d 10 is attached.
> regards
> Franz

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