Initial requirement:New configuration backend for samba 3 SoC

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jun 6 16:26:54 GMT 2006

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Hey Ming,

> Proposed requirement:
> * Basic parameter access
>   +++ Other parts can easily use the interface to 
>       access essential parameter
>       - The system should maintain essential parameter
>       - The system should return correct value or give 
>         error code with read access
>       - With write access, the system should expose 
>         values to some checking if it's legal.
>   +++ Should not introduce much overhead
>   +++ Should change when file/database changed
>       - The system should check it file/database modified
>       - The system should parse file
>       - The system should re-fill in-ram parameters
>    ++ Concurrent set access doesn't corrupt the value
>       - When use TDB, it's provided by database.
>     + Then system support transaction so web configure 
>       can complete or totally fail without corrupt
>       the integration
> * Storage backend
>   +++ Should be compatible with smb.conf
>    ++ TDB/LDB are supported
>     + Format convert between different storage
> (Note: +++ most important,+ not important)

I'm willing to throw away smb.conf for this project
just to allow you to focus more on getting the interface
correct and to ensure concurrent changes work.  Or if
you really want to support smb.conf, just disallow modifies.

Either way, I want the query/set capability.  If you want
to use an existing backend for libelektra, that is fine
with me.  It would save you some time.  If you if want to
use ldb and have you own internal interface (similar
enough to libelektra to allow me swap between the two
for experimentation), that would be acceptable as well.
I would suggest at least considering libelektra due to
existing configuration editing tools.

What I would like to see is a list of solid deliverables
For the milestones on Jun 28, Aug 4, & the final deadline
of Aug 21.  For example,

* How will you measure the overhead of the new system?
  What test tools will be provided to verify your numbers?
  I have to be able to validate your changes somehow both
  at the unit level and system/integration level.  A
  working Samba server is a given.

* What code/features will be read for the first two
  milestones?  E.g. will smbd be using the new query/set
  interface (possibly libelektra) by Aug 4?

* When will be validation check feature be ready?

* How may an administrator change the configuration

cheers, jerry
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