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> Do you know by chance if it is possible to use the 
> same tree with svn and bzr at the same time?
> I would like to use bzr on my samba3 checkout so that 
> I can commit local steps and when I am done just commit
> all changes up to our main svn branch, do you know if
> that is possible or is there any conflict if I
> use both bazar and svn on the same directory structure?

You could have a local mirror the SAMBA_3_0 tree
(bzr pull) and then merge to that tree from your
working area.  This would give you a diff against the
current 3.0 tree.  Although I just have a diff-script
with an extended --exclude-from file.

* jerry turns to audience...

I imagine that we will not change our SCM anytime soon.
I would be concerned about bottlenecks with the core
developers.  The distributed central control of svn works
well for us I think. But bzr can offer some help in
code review and for developers without ssh keys.

The work flow I see is probably something like:

while (patch not done); do
	bzr merge && review

diff samba3-bzr samba3-svn | ( cd samba3-svn && patch -p0)
svn commit

We could save some of the history from the bzr tree
if we like but probably not ever individual commit msg.
Just the major comments that outline design and explain
certain changes.

cheers, jerry
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