client impersonation

Murali Bashyam mbcoder at
Thu Jun 1 16:57:42 GMT 2006

What's the option for NTLM?


On 6/1/06, Luke Howard <lukeh at> wrote:
> >Some of this might be practical to handle with code based on Samba4's
> >pass-though CIFS backend.  However, the tricky part is getting the
> >ticket:  easy if you want to be the user, are using kerberos and have
> >the server trusted for delegation (I've tested this), but I'm not sure
> >about getting a ticket for another user (but I understand it may be
> >possible).
> Yes, it is possible using protocol transition (S4U2Self). Also you can
> do delegation without the client's TGT using constrained delegation
> (S4U2Proxy). Both of these are supported in Windows 2003 and above.
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