RAID VFS Module SoC Project - Requirements Doc

Ming Wong mingwong111 at
Thu Jun 1 00:14:53 GMT 2006

Hi Peter,

Everytime I read about this RAID vfs module I wonder: What is the use
> case? If you need RAID functionality: use a real RAID - either HW or SW.
> What am I missing?

The good thing about this project is, repartitioning of the existing disks
is not required. You can simply use the particular paths/directories to
simulate a raid environment.

System admin can enable/disable data redundancy anytime easily at his/her
own discretion through the samba configuration. Also, swapping between
disks, which sets a particular disk to be the primary disk, can be done with
minimum effort.

So why bother setting up a SW RAID (more work), when all you need to do is,
create a share on samba whilst having a redundant mechanism in place. :-)


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