trans2 response handling

Murali Bashyam mbcoder at
Sun Jul 30 23:04:34 GMT 2006

On samba4 TP2, i am noticing the following problem when there are multiple
trans2 responses to a single trans2 request.

After processing the first response, smb_raw_trans2_recv calls
smbcli_request_receive_more to handle the next response message, and ends up
blocking in epoll_wait waiting for a read event. Some time later when the
next trans2 response message is received, the wait unblocks, and then ends
up calling packet_receive (via smbcli_transport_event_handler). packet_recv
checks for the 'processing' flag in the packet context, and since this flag
is still set, it simply marks the fde not readable and returns without
picking up the next message, ultimately leading to a timeout. The
'processing' flag in the packet context is not reset until we return from
smb_raw_trans2_recv back to the smbcli_transport_finish_recv function. This
seems to be leading to a deadlock in the multiple trans2 response scenario
where the smb client raw layer thinks there is no message pending for it
even though there is one and it is ready to process it, and the packet layer
is serializing the next response waiting for the smb client raw layer to
indicate to the packet layer somehow that it's finished with the previous
response. Is this a known issue with the tp2 snapshot?

I don't see any change to fix this problem in these code segments in the
latest version of samba 4, and was wondering whether anyone else has
observed this.


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