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Roland Gruber post at rolandgruber.de
Sat Jul 29 09:47:35 GMT 2006

Hi all,

a user of LAM noticed that Samba now supports policies in the
sambaDomain object. Are these policies already active in the last Samba
releases (since what release)?
I need more information on these settings:

sambaMinPwdLength : Minimal password length (default: 5)

No limit is 0 or -1?

sambaLogonToChgPwd : Force Users to logon for password change (default:
0 => off, 2 => on)

What if I set this to 1?

sambaLockoutObservationWindow : Reset time after lockout in minutes
(default: 30)

Difference to sambaLockoutDuration?

sambaLockoutThreshold : Lockout users after bad logon attempts (default:
0 => off)

On is 1?

sambaRefuseMachinePwdChange : Allow Machine Password changes (default: 0
=> off)

On is 1?

Thanks in advance for your help.




LDAP Account Manager
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