deprecating smbmount ?

Guenter Kukkukk lists at
Thu Jul 27 03:06:01 GMT 2006

>Felix Miata wrote:

>> That means OS/2 and eComStation will be able to network
>> only with windoz once support for distros using 2.6.18
>> kernels is dropped. OS/2 has no CIFS in Peer, and
>> its NFS halted at v2. :-( I know there was once a port
>> samba to OS/2 attempt, but it seems to have
>> languished since 3.0.9.
>I'm confused....Maybe because I never use OS/2.  Does OS/2
>not support the NTLM 0.12 dialect?
>cheers, jerry

Just some clarifications.
OS/2 and its successor eComStation do only support SMB-dialects up to
So cifs definately _cannot_ be used in those environments.

If smbfs - and the corresponding samba tools - would be dropped, OS/2
and eCS 'are kicked out' completely from *nix based SMB-networking.

IBM has stopped usual OS/2 end user support in December 2005 - but
OS/2 was licensed to Serenity Systems International, which is selling
that product as eComStation (eCS).
AFAIK - there is ongoing development and support for eComStation.

So I think, leave the 'samba related smbfs tools' in place - for some more
months or more ...

And Steven French from IBM should be able to convince the kernel teams
to leave smbfs in place for some more time ...

Guenter Kukkukk

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