Trust progress?

Li, Ying (ESG) ying.li2 at
Tue Jul 25 01:28:43 GMT 2006

Hi Volker,

What's going on for trust fix? 

I couldn't see related messages from 3.0.23 release notes. I've tried to
test 3.0.23. External trusts work fine. But in parent-child trust in a
forest, it still broken on rpcclient lookupnames for a domain user from
trusted domain. For example:
  |--- childA  <-- Samba joined to
  |--- childB
  |--- ......
wbinfo -m OK.
lookupnames parent\user OK
lookupnames childA\user OK
lookupnames childB\user failed with NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED. By checking
lookupnames request, translated SIDS was Null pointer in
LSA_TRANSLATED_SIDS. The response returned Unknown SID type.

Could you please give me a update for trust fix progress. Is there a
specific fix for trusts?

Thank you very much.

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