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Sat Jul 22 15:19:15 GMT 2006

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Thomas Bork wrote:
> If looking in the "printers and faxes" folder on 
> the samba server, I can see an amount of documents in
> the colum "documents", but I know, there are no documents
> to print:
> printers and faxes on deveis
> name        documents    status        comment
> add printer
> laserjet    4        ready        laserjet on deveis
> pdf        4        ready        laserjet on deveis
> If waiting some time, the amount of documents reduces from 
> 4 to zero. If going back to \\deveis and some time
> later time to "printers and faxes", there are again
> 4 non existant documents to print for each printer.
> Sometimes only on printer has 4 documents to print 
> and the other zero or one has 4 and the other one 3.
> If changing fast between "\\deveis" and "printers 
> and faxes", the amount of documents is increasing with 4:

Hmmm...I expect that 3.0.23a is not different that 3.0.22
in this case.  Would you mind filing a bug report and
attach a level 10 debug log from smbd?  It will probably
be a week before I can really dig into this.


cheers, jerry
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