Unnecessary lines in SAMBA3 printing/printing.c

Aleksey Fedoseev fedoseev at ru.ibm.com
Wed Jul 19 11:29:29 GMT 2006

I found one interesting place in current samba-3 code.

Printing start_background_queue (printing/printing.c) forks main smbd
process. After the fork we've to reinitialize locking/messaging/etc
based on TDB (tdb_reopen_all),. But the code here is:

  if (!locking_init(0)) {

This code is unnecessary, cause locking was already initialized in smbd
(see server.c:937) and the second call of locking_init will exit
immediately (as all databased were initialized).

May be this code should be replaced with tdb_reopen_all as in

Aleksey Fedoseev
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