Elton Clemente elton at
Thu Jul 13 17:31:33 GMT 2006


    I have one client with use one software programing in Cobol 34 by 
Micro Focus 1.4.6
    I have very problems whit oplocks. If I set to "No" its work, but 
very very slow.
    If I set to Yes, de speed is very hight, but if any other user 
access the same program, de Samba/FreBSD deny acces because the file is 
marked to readonly/exclusive.

    My System: Samba 3.0.21 with LDAP in FreeBSD 6.0
    Xeon 3.2GHz, 2GB Ram, 73GB ultra 320MB/s in RAD 1 (Dell PowerEdge 1800)

    Tanks for any help.


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