Status of the ldb_map module (Samba4 vs. external LDAP)

Martin Kühl martin.kuehl at
Tue Jul 11 01:16:54 GMT 2006

Summary: the module compiles and loads but doesn't run without issues.

Compiling my branched versions of the ldb_map and samba3sam modules
works fine.  I've also branched the samba3sam test script to adapt it
to the new module and the tests run fine up to (and including)
reconnecting to the database with the samba3sam module loaded.

The rest of the test fails because the new ldb_map requires a local
"proxy" record for each remote record to consider, while the
initialisation just pumps data into the remote database.
So I modified the test to add a record after reconnecting.  (I also
decided to unload the kludge_acl module before reconnection, which
threw LDB_ERR_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_RIGHTS errors at me and I didn't
care to look into that problem too far.)

This test runs fine only if both map_add and map_search immediately
call ldb_next_request.  If either of them isn't skipped, the test run
makes my machine unusable until it is collected by the oom-killer.
Debug sessions on map_add suggest that the process keeps spinning in
oc_async_wait_all (from the objectclass module), so I guess my
handling of async handles is broken.

I'll experiment a little with different async handle styles, with
debug sessions on map_search and with a few different machines over
the next week, but I'm planning to focus on defining real mappings and
get back to this later -- I don't blame the module's core logic.

There's also a deeper issue with objectClasses I haven't thought about
enough yet, I'll bring that up again in a few days.

The attached patch (against the mkhl/testprogs-map branch) reflects
the current test I'm running.

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