svn commit: samba r16902 - in trunk/source: include param script smbd

Jeremy Allison jra at
Sun Jul 9 19:20:35 GMT 2006

On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 06:09:24PM +0000, vlendec at wrote:
> Author: vlendec
> Date: 2006-07-09 18:09:22 +0000 (Sun, 09 Jul 2006)
> New Revision: 16902
> WebSVN:
> Log:
> This converts lp_mangled_map, lp_manglednames and lp_magicchar to take a
> struct share_params instead of a snum as input.
> It is an example of how the a bit larger changes to get rid of snum might look
> like, and it demonstrates how the SNUM(conn) will be converted to conn->params.
> I'd really appreciate input on what I'm doing here, the changes will be rather
> localized but in the end svn blame might point at me for a *lot* of code that
> I'm not really responsible for ;-))

Personally I really like it at first glance. It looks clear and clean
code. The fact you get blamed for a lot more bugs is just the icing on
the cake :-).

+1 from me for you continuing on this (although I'll probably moan
more when I have to work on it :-). Looks a nice design though - well
done !


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