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I'm a student of the University Duisburg-Essen and write my diploma about "predefined rules for samba performance monitoring".

For one or two years two students of the University Duisburg-Essen and Materna in Dortmund started a project for the ZRWEST (a big service provider) in Düsseldorf.

"Main goal of this project was to design and implement an integrated platform, which allows automated collection of specific performance information about the file serving solution and the overall performance of the underlying operating system, analysis of the collected performance data, based on predefined rules, and automated initiation of countermeasures in case of detected abnormalities. The main objective of the platform, further referred to as Integrated Samba Inspection Service (ISIS), was to be deployed in the network of a big public service provider and assist the network administrators in tracing and resolving problems with the file services." 

My task is now to develop predefined rules to detect abnormalities in real time.
Firstly I've to understand the "normal" behaviour of a system like:  %IDL (percentage of time the system spent in idlemode, averaged over all available cpu instances), system calls .... and  the behaviour of the processes (smbd) like: %CPU (percentage of recent CPU time used by the process), RSS, SIZE, IOC/s (input/output of characters per second)....!!! 
To get these values I try to repeating several times by downloading some different size of files from the samba server with the windows client. By collecting and analyzing with statistics methods, I found out that the values of each parameter (%CPU, IOC/s...) were not constant. After correspondence with Mr. Lendecke, the cause of this state is the windows client.

Now my question: "why does the abnormalities of the values depends on the windows client??"

I hope somebody is able to answer my question, because it's important for my diploma!!!

Thanks in advance.

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