svcctl.idl patch [winexe fix]

AH andrzej.hajda at
Fri Jul 7 21:17:57 GMT 2006


Sorry but svcctl.idl patch sent with winexe is incorrect.
I have corrected also type of 'dependencies' and 'password' parameters 
of CreateServiceW,
now it should work with non-null dependencies. To have 'password' 
parameter working,
somebody should find password-encryption algorithm.

Andrzej Hajda
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Index: librpc/idl/svcctl.idl
--- librpc/idl/svcctl.idl	(revision 16844)
+++ librpc/idl/svcctl.idl	(working copy)
@@ -165,20 +165,20 @@
 	/* Function 0x0c */
 	WERROR svcctl_CreateServiceW([in,ref] policy_handle *scmanager_handle,
-								[in,ref] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *ServiceName,
+								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 ServiceName[],
 								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *DisplayName,
 								[in] uint32 desired_access,
 								[in] uint32 type,
 								[in] uint32 start_type,
 								[in] uint32 error_control,
-								[in,ref] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *binary_path,
+								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 binary_path[],
 								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *LoadOrderGroupKey,
   								[in,out] uint32 *TagId,
-								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *dependencies,
-								[in] uint32 fix_len_dependencies,
+								[in,size_is(dependencies_size)] uint8 *dependencies,
+								[in] uint32 dependencies_size,
 								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *service_start_name,
-								[in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *password,
-								[in] uint32 fix_len_password,
+								[in,size_is(password_size)] uint8 *password,
+								[in] uint32 password_size,
 								[out,ref] policy_handle *handle);
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@
 	/* Function 0x10 */
 	WERROR svcctl_OpenServiceW([in,ref] policy_handle *scmanager_handle,
-							  [in,ref] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 *ServiceName,
+							  [in] [string,charset(UTF16)] uint16 ServiceName[],
 							  [in] uint32 access_mask,
 					                  [out,ref] policy_handle *handle);

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