3.0.23: net ads join fails on RHEL3

Dave Daugherty dave.daugherty at centrify.com
Fri Jul 7 01:15:36 GMT 2006

Is it the same version of Kerberos in both cases?

Are you testing with DES bit set on Computer account? If so, try
removing it to see if RC4 still works okay.

What does ethereal show in the kpasswd response?

Dave Daugherty

> Gerald (Jerry) Carter Thursday, July 06, 2006 6:04 PM

> This is odd.  Running the current 3.0.23 release tree on RHEL3
> against a Windows 2003 domain (with the DES keys hotfix) gives:

> $ bin/net rpc join -U Administrator%bleaK.er -W COLOR
> Joined domain COLOR.

> $ bin/net ads join -U Administrator%bleaK.er -W COLOR
> Failed to set password for machine account (NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD)
> Failed to join domain!

> But both are using the same SetUserInfo(24) call.  Both the 'rpc
> join' and 'ads join' succeed on SuSE 10.0.  I can see anything
> that is different between the two.

> Anyone got any ideas?

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