Error message Solaris 8 /var/adm/messages

Ben Dore Ben.Dore at
Thu Jul 6 09:51:39 GMT 2006



I'm trying to find out why st32 type errors keep arriving in
/var/adm/messages (and are sent almost every day to my inbox by a Log
Alert auto email).


Can you tell me if there's a problem with the tape device or can you
give me a link where I should post this request?


About 3 times a week I'm seeing this, just after the backup to tape
starts and one second before it finishes.


/var/adm/messages:Jul  6 06:34:52 ukpsprod1 unix: st32:     <Sun

/var/adm/messages:Jul  6 06:34:52 ukpsprod1 unix: st32 at SUNW,fas1:

/var/adm/messages:Jul  6 06:34:52 ukpsprod1 unix:  target 4 lun 0
/var/adm/messages:Jul  6 06:34:52 ukpsprod1 unix: st32 is
/sbus at 7,0/SUNW,fas at 3,8800000/st at 4,0





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