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> Gautier, B (Bob) wrote:
> >> This way we can
> >>
> >> (a) have drop replacements for persistent storage
> >> (b) have a tunable expiring cache layer that is reused by all.
> >>
> >> Sound reasonable?  I will volunteer to do the initial 
> redesign work 
> >> if everyone agrees.
> > 
> > Yes please!  I'd really love to see a caching layer in idmap that 
> > expires entries properly.  If you can do negative caching too that 
> > would be ideal.
> By negative caching, I assume you mean for backends that 
> cannot allocate on their own like idmap_ad.  Something like a 
> "I already looked for this SID and it has no uid" cache entry?

Yes, sorry, I should have taken the time to explain, but you got it
anyway: I expect to be using winbind+idmap_ad in an environment with
tens of thousands of users, where initially very few (hundreds) will
have uid etc.  So it would be very nice to avoid repeatedly asking AD
for information it doesn't have.  But also essential for winbindd to
(eventually) notice when we *do* give an existing user a uid (so
negative caching without expiry is a complete loser).

Bob G

> cheers, jerry
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