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Tue Jul 4 09:37:11 GMT 2006

On Fri, Jun 30, 2006 at 03:44:10PM -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:


Thanks for the review.

>   Compiling lib/admin_log.c
>   lib/admin_log.c: In function ?admin_log_event_type?:
>   lib/admin_log.c:405: warning: control reaches end of non-void function

> Would you mind writing up a short HOWTO ?  I had to dig in the
> source for the "admin log levels".  This would probably help get
> some more testing and feedback for you as well.

Attached, at least a first draft. Sorry for the missing documentation 
on admin log levels, I was already to deep into the source so I did not
see the need for that ...

> Once the code is merged in to the main SAMBA_3_0 tree, we
> need to add the smb.conf man page entries as well.
> The docs repo is at svn://

Do I have to create a xml-file for every option in
I would start by copying smbdotconf/logging/loglevel.xml (or so).
If I do get smbdotconf/README right, there is no script to
generate these files automatically.


Ciao, Michael

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How to configure administrative logging support in Samba

Michael Krax, mk at, 2006-07-04

This short HowTo describes how the samba administrator can set
up administrative logging support for a samba server.

Status: Admin log is currently under development and is available
via (bzr branch or merge)

You have to compile samba in order to be able to use admin logging.

Configuration options:

* admin log = no
  possible values: yes, no (default)
  Enables or disables admin logging support.

* admin log event types = all
  possible values: all (default), tdb, printdrivers, lanman,
	smb, rpc_parse, rpc_srv, rpc_cli, passdb, sam, auth, 
	winbind, vfs, idmap, quota, acls, locking, msdfs, 
	dmapi, param
  Specifies which kind of events to log (list your choices).
  The values are taken from the debug class list and from a 
  list in admin log itself. Debug class values are set at the 
  beginning of the source files (ie. #define DBGC_CLASS DBGC_PASSDB), 
  admin log event types are passed through the function call.
  For now, all but "param" are debug classes.

* admin log levels = error
  possible values: information, warning, error (default), 
	audit:success, audit:failure
  Specifies how many events (how detailled) admin log should log.
  Currently, only information, warning and error are supported.
  These values correspond to the syslog priorities. You have to 
  select all levels you want to get logging output for, ie.
    admin log levels = information warning
  will not give you "error"-level events.

* admin log format 
  Currently not supported.

Currently, there is only limited support in some function calls.
Admin logging is provided for user add and user delete and for the 
reload of configuration parameters. Some other calls have been added
but not yet tested.

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