Fedora Core 5 Problem

Dave Fenwick djf at samba.org
Mon Jul 3 21:17:04 GMT 2006

There are only 4 samba packages for Fedora Core.  They are:


The samba package includes everything required to create a server.   
samba-common includes some configuration samples, some charset  
information, man pages for various utilities, and the smbclient  
libraries.  samba-client includes client utilities (smbclient,  
smbmount, etc.) for using an FC5 box as an smb client on the network.   
samba-swat includes the swat administrative package.

In order to provide a samba server, you only absolutely NEED the samba  
package.  However, it's probably worthwhile to install all 4 packages,  
mostly for getting started purposes.

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>> Be more specific here.  What are you downloading?  If you've installed
>> FC5 and told it to install Samba along with the FC5 install,
>> then it's already installed.  You only need to configure it.
>> If you didn't install Samba with your FC5 installation, log
>> in as root on the box and type:
>> yum install samba
> I think if you want to be a server, you have to install samba-server:
> yum install samba-server
> Bob G
>> Then go out to Google and search for documents on how to
>> configure it in Fedora Core 5.  There should be plenty of
>> information out there to get you through the process.
>> Dave
>> Quoting Vernon Browning <browningv at bellsouth.net>:
>> > I have posted this question to several members but received
>> no reply.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > I have just recently installed Fedora Core 5 onto a machine
>> to be used
>> > as a server. However every time that I attempt to download
>> it backfires.
>> >
>> > Only the doc. File seems to load properly. I have tried it from
>> > different mirrors and have them copied onto cd-roms. How do I load
>> > Samba onto my
>> >
>> > Fedora Core 5 machine so that it can be used to provide an
>> NFS for my
>> > customers?
>> >
>> >
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